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check4round - 0.2-beta

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What is this?

This is a workaround for the SEP limitation, due to Apple restrictions in some devices running Checkra1n © with no lockscreen password.

This is not a replacement of the SEP features, like the TouchID or FaceID, but the tweak "only" implement a password field for your LockScreen, and then, for your Privacy.

This is done so as not to leave your device completely unattended (without this, anyone who presses home, can access everything).

To do in future: block the hard reset of the device (that permit to go in stock mode and access in it), and more...


Install it and remember that the default password is "1234", after that, go to the tweak settings and set your own.

Note: the password is written in clear in the documents directory, for any issue. But there's also a nice Easter-Egg to show it, even without a computer or SSH on it.


Please forgive me:

I apologize to everyone but my health is really bad at this time, then, sorry for the few preferences, maybe more than one bug and for the disgusting graphics, maybe this tweak is EOL, but if a day I heal, I will improve it.

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